Counselling Services


Private Counselling
Whistler, BC

25-50 words to entice your potential clients to click the “Learn More” button and to the booking page. We want to keep all the descriptions about the same length so the learn more buttons are all even.

Grief Counselling
Trauma, loss, ETC

25-50 words describing this. If we don’t transform our pain we transmit it. Goal is to have people click the Learn More button to find out more and connect/book you. kldjf;ldjsfljd sdljkfdsj jlsdk

Postpartum Health & Wellness
Group WOrk + Private + Integrative

The photo for this section should be of some women laughing and enjoying life together. The description could be 25-50 words max with the “Learn More” button linking to a fuller description and ways to connect.